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Many people assume that creativity is something children are born with and either do or do not have. But in reality, creativity is more skill than inborn talent, and it is a skill parents can help their kids develop.
Creativity is about more than choosing the colors for a painting or drawing. It is a way of thinking, problem solving and applying knowledge as well. From their earliest days, babies respond to contrasts, colors, sounds, and movements.
How they integrate these various experiences will influence their growth and development across many areas, including creativity. In this way, creativity is ageless and timeless. And more importantly, creativity can be acquired, and fostered.
Creative play and activities have a central role in children’s overall learning and development. Kids typically enjoy expressing ideas and exploring their world through songs, dress-ups, art materials, language and movement.

At this age, when children engage in creative art, it is a whole body experience. They often are as interested in grasping, chewing, pounding and squishing as they are in trying to actually create something. Child care providers sometimes do not provide infants with art experiences. But even at this age, the sheer exploration is worthwhile for children’s development. Toddlers enjoy sensory experiences such as water play, texture books or toys. Activities that can help in your 1 year olds Creative skill development:

  • Encourage your child to explore different musical instruments, such as a toy piano, xylophone and drums
  • Play music and show your child how to move his hands, feet and legs to the rhythm
  • Listen to his favorite songs and let him follow your lead as you perform simple exercises to the beat such as touching toes, running in place or stretching to reach the ceiling
  • Move to different play area and sceneries and encourage him to describe what he sees around him
  • Pick up leaves and sticks from the park or the garden and create an artwork by helping him stick them on white sheets of paper
  • Ask him to imitate sounds of animals and machines around him such as a lion or a car
  • Engage in interactive games such as “peek-a-boo”

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Music and Movement

Introducing music as early as 1 year of age is fun and entertaining but can also boost learning and offer lifelong benefits. In this video, we will share some activities that can help your 1 year old develop his music and movement.

Perspective and Visual Arts

At 1 year, your child doesn’t have the notion of creativity yet but you can help him learn and experiment to develop these skills from a young age. In this video, we will share some activities that can help your 1 year old develop his perspective and visual arts.


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